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listening: Discovering Ireland
Ireland's popularity as a tourist destination is ensured by its profound cultural heritage, scenery and famously easy-going lifestyle. Much of the joy about travelling around Ireland is the of the people. Celtic ruins, medieval forts and stately homes dot the , giving the island a certain majesty.
☻ Dublin, a newly cosmopolitan city, with most of its attractions within easy walking distance, has much to offer the .
☻ The “sunny southeast” is one of the most popular holiday regions in the country.
☻ Cork and Kerry are some of the most picturesque areas, with a long indented coastline which blends with the highest peaks in Ireland.
☻ The lower river Shannon, which runs through the region, is dominated by barren limestone and west marshy land before emptying into the .
☻ The west of Ireland, on the other hand, is a region of contradictions, with farming areas, rugged coastlines and towns.
☻ The northwest, perched at the furthest reaches of the island, retains a large population of Gaelic speakers.
☻ The Midlands are the of Irish civilization.
☻ And finally, Northern Ireland, which is a fascinating region, with culinary and architectural adorning its streets.

But apart from being such a magical place with a wonderful history and a vibrant contemporary culture, in Ireland you can immerse yourself in the diversity and richness of all that its festivals and events have to offer. You can savour fabulous food, magical music and countless cultural events taking place in cities, towns and villages all around the country.
Wherever you go in Ireland you'll soon discover that there is something happening. Join in the fun, try something new or follow your passion.
With hundreds of festivals and events to choose from, there is something to suprise even the most daring and most talented. From banjo festivals to opera and food fares to street festivals there really is something to tickle everyone.
Don´t forget to visit for details of festivals and events all over the country.
We hope you enjoy your stay here !!!