Emerald Tour II

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Discover the best of Ireland in a day. We’ve put together an unbeatable selection of one-day excursions from Dublin.
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Those of you who’ve had enough of sightseeing will love this action-packed day. In the morning, you can experience the thrills of rock climbing under the guidance of an experienced instructor. After lunch, there’s sea-kayaking in Dublin Bay. To round the day off, there’s a visit to the National Aquatic Centre, Europe’s largest indoor waterworld. Or if you’ve had enough of water sports, our guide will take you for a pony ride along the sandy beaches of the Bay.
For a taste of Ireland’s ancient past, this excursion takes you to the magical area north of Dublin. As the sun sets, the highlight of the day will be a guided tour of the World Heritage Site of Newgrange, surrounded by its giant standing stones that are nearly 5,000 years old. Before we take you back into the depths of time, we will see the Hill of Tara, home of the ancient kings of Ireland, before the arrival of Christianity. This memorable day will begin with a visit to Slane Abbey where Saint Patrick brought the message of the Bible in the early 5th century.
Ireland’s west coast is one the most beautiful and dramatic places on earth, and the ideal way to see it from the air. In our brand new six-seater helicopter, you will first see the incredible lakes, mountains and rivers of Conemara. After you’ve had lunch in the pretty fishing village of Clifden, you’ll be back in the air for breathtaking views of the wild Aran Islands. Don’t forget to bring a camera with a zoom lens for once-in-a-lifetime shots of the seal colony.
For those of you who like to lie in in the morning, the excursion to Dalkey leaves at the very respectful time of 11.30. Only a short drive from Dublin, the historic town of Dalkey has two castles and a little harbour, but it is also home to some of Ireland’s best musicians (Bono, Van Morrison, Enya). Your day begins with a tour of three of the town’s finest pubs, all with live music. Once you feel in the mood, our next stop will be a traditional Irish dancing club. Here you will learn the basic steps, in time for an evening of music and dance. The bus returns to Dublin at midnight, but you’ll probably want to stay.